Comprehensive Asset Recovery Service

This service includes collection of assets, full reporting including item type, make and model details, serial numbers, asset IDs, and depending on additional value add services, hard drive information and degaussing success information. Assets are then cleaned, OS reinstalled and returned to the customer or remarketed, or scrapped for recycling.

Secure Data Destruction Services

Recordable media such as hard drives, tapes, SSDs, CD/DVDs, USB drives, memory cards, credit cards and RFID devices can be either degaussed or shredded depending on type of media or customer requirement.

Equipment Remarketing Services

If a customer has high value or high spec equipment and feels it has some reimbursement potential, GTR can refurbish the equipment and send to market to obtain the best possible return.

Data Center Decommissioning

GTR can decommission your data center or server room. We will remove all redundant equipment and accessories, dismantle cabinets, racks and rails, and remove all power supplies (including UPS), circuit breakers, transformers and cabling. Any air conditioning equipment can also be dismantled and removed.

Serial Number Capture

Full serial number capture of barcode labels is provided upon request. Details including serial number, make, model, type, etc can be captured and reported. Serial number reporting for equipment without barcode labels can also be provided.

Device Destruction

GTR can provide complete destruction of devices if required. Depending on customer preference this can be achieved by dismantling, shredding, crushing or cutting.

Brand / Logo Destruction

If you are concerned about your brand / logo ending up in a pile of eWaste in Thailand or Africa then let GTR dismantle and destroy your product to prevent this happening.

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